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Welcome to the Genesis Medical Research Group, LLC Community Website

Genesis Medical Research Group was created to ensure the community has a voice in healthcare and clinical research.

There is a lack of trust in healthcare professionals due to unethical research in the past, systemic racism, and the inability to relate to people of color in the clinical setting.  This breakdown causes the lack of communication between patient and provider and ultimately reduces the quality of care for patients and causes health disparities.


Let's talk...........................

Our goal is to empower the community by:

  1. Providing the good, the bad, and the ugly side of clinical research.   Understanding what has happened, what is going on, and what could happen.

  2. Creating a healthy dialogue and a safe place to discuss the barriers in healthcare and treatment to share with the healthcare community.   

  3. Providing Education and resources for the community to understand the clinical research process to enable you to be the best patient you can be.

Please take advantage of the resources available to share with family and friends and participate in our community forum. 

Join us in our efforts to help to save lives in 

our community.

Meet The Team

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Gayna Whitaker, MBA

CEO, Founder

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Barry Holmes
VP, Business Strategy & Development


“My purpose is to bring awareness and spark change in our healthcare professionals, and our communities. In order to be great, you have to do something that’s never been done. #GMRG and myself, are here to do just that.”

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Lance Arrington
Director, Communications

“I would like to shrink the gap between my community and the information needed to make the correct decisions about their healthcare.”


Tameka Blackstone, MBA
Chief Finance Officer

"My goal within #GMRG is to maximize our potential as being a leader in the fight for fair and just representation of African-Americans and minorities in clinical trials, and to ensure we deliver value added information to the community.”

 I have fulfilled my dreams in Pharma and now I am walking in my purpose.  Genesis chose me and I am thankful to use my platform to bring to life what should have been done long ago.  The lack of trust African-Americans and minorities have for clinical research is real and in order for change to occur, there must be a real conversation between Pharma, HCPs, and Patients,

GMRG is here to bridge the gap for those bold individuals who are ready to change your mindset.


Carmela Paolillo, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

"Being part of the GMRG team means a lot to me. It gives me the opportunity to keep learning from the community about diversity in healthcare and how to be a better clinical researcher. My goal is to create a direct connection between patients and science"


K. Ramon Campbell
Director, Strategy, Health & Wellness

" I want to help, aid and assist those with a lack of information regarding diversity in healthcare;  in creating a trusting bond between patients and healthcare workers."


Empower Our


Community Forum

We want the members of our community to have a safe space where they can express and share their opinions, experiences, and doubts about clinical trials, clinical research, and healthcare.

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Genesis Medical Research Group




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